A podcast for adults with ADHD


In Club ADHD the Podcast #6, host Russ Le Blanc talks about his never-ending ADHD challenge… AKA, his garage!

In the interview portion of the program, we focus on something that often accompanies ADHD… “depression” featuring a talk with John Mielke. John is a well-known radio broadcaster, in the Ottawa area, plus he’s known nationwide as a broadcasting entrepreneur. He’s also a mental health advocate. Although John doesn’t have ADHD, he’s well acquainted with clinical depression.  John talks about his life with depression as well as how he deals with the ongoing challenge. If depression accompanies your ADHD, or even if it doesn’t, you won't want to miss this educational and sometimes eye-opening conversation.

About the podcast

A podcast (produced in Canada) for adults with ADHD and is presented by The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada. The podcast is hosted by Russ Le Blanc a former  nationally syndicated broadcasters who just happens to have ADHD. Russ adds information with a bit of humor to make this podcast extremely listenable. .

Club ADHD THe Podcast #1

Our first podcast has been uploaded (July 11, 2017)! It's a "get to know us" edition featuring a recording of CBC Radio 1 interviewing our podcast host, Russ Le Blanc, plus The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada's (CADDAC) CEO, Heidi Bernhart, talks about how the association came to be along ...